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They are durable, non-deformable, easily transportable and ready to install, and can always be repositioned and reused elsewhere if necessary

Gabions are box-shaped elements made of galvanized wire mesh that are used for urban furniture, fencing walls, gardening, water basins, retaining walls and embankments for the protection of embankments and embankments, for the construction of gravity support works, for the containment of unstable slopes and have structural value.
Different combinations of mesh type and wire diameter are available, in relation to the mechanical performance required and different combinations of dimensions and measurements of the natural stone inside.

The gabions are installed after filling on site with natural stone in order to create a flexible, permeable and monolithic structure such as retaining walls, river bank coverings, bridles and interventions for erosion control.
Through our commercial structure, we can provide our customers, businesses, organizations and designers with an assistance service aimed at assessing needs with the elaboration of technical-economic proposals during the acquisition phase as well as an after-sales service.