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Quarry and extractions

From quarry to slabs

We have our own marble quarry, within which we proceed with the extraction of slabs to arrive at the collection, processing and final sale. The marbles that are obtained are used in building constructions for the realization of important works.

Thanks to important investments and targeted commercial strategies, we now have a complete and efficient structure with which we produce and market blocks and slabs to be exported to all world markets.

Extraction materials

The limestone materials that are extracted from our quarries are all characterized by very delicate, warm and enveloping tones, ranging from ivory with a light background to marble veins with amber shades. The particular characteristics of compactness and frost resistance make them very suitable for use in both external and internal cladding.

Our experts personally inspect the slabs, even in the quarries of origin, guaranteeing the constant flow of precious materials and looking for stones that match color and physical-mechanical characteristics.

Our high-quality materials

From our quarries in Italy, we extract marbles with characteristic colours that are ideal for rustic and polished floors and manufactures in general.