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About us

Natural stone cladding, outdoor and indoor flooring


Massalongo Angelo

In history, natural stone was the first material used for construction. LEATHERSTONE was born from the experience gained by the Massalongo family, which for three generations has specialised in the extraction, processing and marketing of marble, granite and stone.

Cattazzo Abramo

In over thirty years of activity we have furnished the most important public and residential environments in our area, always combining the experience of our production technicians with modern technologies for high quality workmanship. A valid point of reference for the customisation of environments with natural stone.


Expertise is at the customer's service, ensuring safety as guarantee of experience, professionalism and quality. The executive skills are visible in all our works, from natural stone cladding to flooring and our numerous references that have given us their trust and preference.


We have invested in technology to optimize work processes in the processing of marble, granite and stone and invested in human resources to have the best professionals. These choices have gratified the customer by giving him targeted and efficient solutions.


We offer a complete service, from design to execution. Our work starts from an idea, a dream that the client or professional shows us and together we define the project to implement and in this way the process of working with natural stone begins.


Our goal is to make the home, commercial and industrial environment more livable and pleasant, using coatings that enhance the space in order to ensure a pleasant aesthetic beauty over time.


At our store in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella we find over 5,000 square meters of exhibition of:

  • Natural stone claddings
  • Outdoor paving and worked in natural stone, porphyry and Luserna stone
  • Marble blocks from own quarries
  • Domestic and imported marble and travertine blocks
  • White and coloured pebbles and granulates in sacks and baskets
  • Stones and monoliths for garden decoration